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Krista writes clean mystery suspense stories that reach into those chasms of darkness where deception and betrayal lie, but where faith, and victory over evil, ultimately win. Her books offer a psychological suspense twist on cozy mysteries like the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys series, brimming with realistic characters, a dash of romance, and soul-inspiring intense storylines.
If you like books by authors like Lynette Eason, CC Warrens, and Alana Terry, you will love Krista's books too!

"Dealing with danger and handing out hope"
Krista Wagner, author of mysteries, thrills, and all that is real

**My stories will intrigue you, entertain you, thrill you, increase your compassion and curiosity, and make you thankful to be alive.***:・゚✧*:・゚✧



I was born in 1975, the year "Jaws" came out. Nixon had recently resigned. Ford was president, the Vietnam War had finally ended, and ABC, CBS and NBC actually came to a mutual decision to host an hour of television on a daily basis devoid of sex and violence. Entertainment-wise, Pittsburgh had defeated Minnesota 16-6 in the Super Bowl, disco was at its peak, Saturday Night Live made its debut, and the Godfather Part II was awarded Best Picture. So, as you can see, I was born during a lively era which seems, to me, an indication of an interesting life.


I first started creatively writing when I turned seven. My grandfather had a typewriter at his place of business, so when I was there my fingers would busily stomp across the keys and create plays and songs and comic strips. As an only child, I found the world of writing to be a great place for experiencing adventures. I also found out right away that the world of fiction was a pretty interesting place too for two primary reasons: 1) there is a lot to discover in this land and 2) a lot of fiction isn't really fictional after all. The emotions a person experiences and the thoughts a person has can be conveyed so seamlessly and elegantly into some kind of creative form. This form can hold the sensation of memories, snapshots of moments, a part of one's history forever.
By the time I got to high school, I was already putting together poems and short stories. If you were at all like I was during those angsty teen years, you experienced a lot of depression and loneliness. Writing was a haven for those sordid emotions, a place to release what could not be spoken in an attempt to heal.



INTRODUCE YOURSELF: WRITE TO ME AT AND TELL ME A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOU! Why do you read? For entertainment? To Escape? Increase your knowledge? To Find Motivation? Something else? In this world, what are you most concerned about?


By way of getting to know each other better, I'm sharing some fun facts about myself.


8 Interesting Details about Krista


1. My favorite TV show when I was growing up was Punky Brewster. My favorite TV show these days is Stranger Things, though I do still watch Punky.


2. I once auditioned for Days of Our Lives.


3. The first job I ever had was as a movie theater concessionist and usher. And it was also my second job. . .


4. I have performed in a handful of play productions. I held one lead role as 'Mother' in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and starred in Cinderella: The Glass Slipper, It's a Wonderful Life, and Robin Hood.


5. I don't like to cook and no one taught me how to cook, but oddly, when my husband isn't home to do it and I force myself into the kitchen, I am actually a pretty good cook. In terms of baking, I get requests on a regular basis for my chocolate chip cookies.


6. Some famous people I have met: Harry Connick Jr.: He is a very kind and soft-spoken man who I got to meet at a signing in Virginia back in the '90's. I also met the band members of Danger Danger —they opened for Alice Cooper in '89. I met Peter Beagle, writer of animated movies The Lord of The Rings and The Last Unicorn, at a book signing.


7. I did 107 pull-ups in the fourth grade.


8. Favorite verse: 1 John 3:18 "Dear Children, let us not love in word or tongue, but in deed and truth".



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Happy Reading!


Krista Wagner

Author of mysteries, thrills, and all that is real

"Dealing with danger and handing out hope"
Krista Wagner, author of mysteries, thrills, and all that is real

Krista also writes clean billionaire romance under the pen name Cristina Ryan:
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